Frequently Asked Questions

Stanley Tours is owned and operated by Ken Hume, who has been booking travel arrangements for discriminating clients continuously since 1977.

We book travel – tours, cruises, flights, hotels, trains, rental cars. Our main focus is on tours and cruises but we also make all the accompanying arrangements around those types of travel. We look after all kinds of arrangements before and after your
tour or cruise, including limousine transfers, hotels and sightseeing too.

We are happy to provide the best flight options for all our tours and cruises.

Booking hotels has become very complicated. In this very competitive environment, hotels must be very ‘creative’ in promoting their rooms for rent. Many have taken a leaf from the airline marketing process and offer advance booking rates that require
instant booking and no refunds or changes – no matter what. Those discounts are often not enough to justify the draconian cancellation rules. Some hotels will offer lower rates if you don’t accrue their reward points and some also charge extra – at
the hotel under the guise of ‘resort fees’ or other nomenclature.

We do things differently. We have access to wholesale hotel rates and we do the research for you, and advise the best options. If we find lower rates that agents cannot book, we’ll advise you and give you the direction how to book it yourself.

We are travel agents, not insurance agents. We provide all the details of penalties and recommend that all clients obtain insurance on every booking. We offer several reputable insurance companies for our clients to compare rates and benefits.